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Hello !
We are Teacher Tube - Our team have both been involved in making music professionally and teaching for over 30 years.  Our mission is to save teachers precious time in Key stage curriculum spelling and arithmetic lesson preparation and make the lessons more fun and interactive by using  music and video.
Songs and video as teaching aids.
We believe that the Key stage 1 & 2 key words can be taught much more effectively and the keep the children interested and engaged by teaching to music.
Why ?
Are you fed up of showing ineffective, youtube material with inappropriate or distasteful adverts, not to mention the legal issues ?
Have you ever been exasperated by how long it takes to prepare lessons and frustrated by how much of your free time it takes ? Well for a small fee you can download our audio files in minutes for the word sets of your choice
  Neil Hardy
Founder’s Notes 


My Name is Neil Hardy, I have been a senior IT executive and professional musician for 35 years and have been employed at Learning establishments in schools and Universities for that time. My Vision is to create Interactive teaching media to assist in teaching via Video and song.

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